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Simplifying the operation of
concrete placing

Concrete Truck

Consulting Services

  • Concrete Boom Pump Inspections

  • Conveyor Inspections

  • Equipment Log Books

  • Human Resource Manuals

  • Equipment Buying and Selling

Safety Programs

  • Toolbox Talks

  • Best Practices Quizzes

  • Safety Programs & Compliance

  • Safety Manuals

  • Safety Audits


  • OSHA 30 Construction Certified

  • ACPA Safety Certified

What we offer

Concrete Pumpers Network (CPN) was created to elevate the safety, efficiency and day to day practices in the placing industry. We work with placing companies and their users.  A "Project Manager" of sorts. As an experienced concrete pumper I understand the needs of day to day successful operations and pours.

Workers Safety

Diligence is always necessary when it comes to safety around placing equipment. CPN wants to help you provide another layer of protection to add to a culture of safety and to provide you with additional tools when it comes to your companies safety culture.

Protect Your Investment

Understanding and taking safety precautions with your projects utilizing placing equipment is what CPN wants to help you with. Familiarizing and helping you adhere to the ASME B30.27 Material Placement Standard will assist in day to day operations that fit our industry standard.

Peace of Mind

Safety with your placing  company will contribute to your peace of mind knowing that you have taken extra measures of safety to protect your operators, laborers,

ready-mixed drivers.

ALL personnel.

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